What is Qi Butter?

Qi...Recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the life force that surrounds, sustains, and permeates all things, it has been studied by cultures around the world for thousands of years. Qi Butter is an organic skincare product line that helps refresh, rejuvenate, and restore natural balance to the whole-body gateway through which qi flows - your skin.


100% Natural Product.
10 Simple Ingredients.

Qi Butter's BODY BUTTER is carefully formulated and lovingly handmade in small batches from the finest botanicals - organic, raw, and wild-crafted ingredients.


Qi Butter’s BODY BUTTER: A beautiful botanical balm that provides a barrier so that your skin can do what it does best — HEAL ITSELF.


Join us for our local Qigong courses & Energy Reflexology sessions:

For the ultimate experience in relaxation, book a Qi Butter Body Work Session today!

Body Work sessions mix Qi Butter with Energy Reflexology to help hit the “Reset” button in your life!

Get ready to experience a shift in your awareness as the fragrance of Qi Butter helps you reconnect with your True Self. Gentle Medical Qigong Movements and acupressure techniques will help restore your body’s energy systems to balance and help create greater vitality.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Reset your life today by choosing a session that’s right for you:



Join us and experience the benefits of a contemplative practice while connecting with other individuals in the community.

For many people, especially in today’s action-oriented society, it’s difficult to sit still—much less find a place of stillness within. Qigong helps practioners connect with the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, or contemplation — all while moving the body.

Participants have watched their stress melt away, have experienced a greater sense of vitality and wellbeing, and enjoyed the camaraderie of practicing with like-minded individuals.



“I absolutely love the qi butter. It is so soft and silky on my skin and smells wonderful. I can tell it is infused with love and care. Thank you for such an amazing product!”Jennifer Finegold, L.Ac., C.Ht.
“I am an HSP – Highly Sensitive Person. Many of us out there share this trait. Touch is a huge sensory input. I love for my body, and especially my hands to feel soft and well hydrated. Rosanna has made a salve that is absolutely incredible. It is SO emollient and at the same time absorbs into the skin, leaving it with the softest feel without feeling greasy. I am so grateful to have found her and her moisturizer. I highly recommend it to anyone that can’t stand the feel of a commercial hand lotion. Her ingredients are wonderful and her Qi Butter is infused with care and love. Best butter out there, hands down, and I have tried many.”Dr. PL Gregg