Contemplative Movement Classes (Drop-in Rate)


One-hour Contemplative Movement class.

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While maintaining an active practice of contemplation, Rosanna is also certified in several forms of Medical Qigong movement styles. Both practices combine beautifully to create what she calls, “Contemplative Movement”.

For many people, especially in today’s action-oriented society, it is difficult to sit still — much less find a place of stillness within. Qigong helps practitioners to connect with the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, or contemplation — all while moving the body.

Another beautiful thing about the practice of Qigong is that it can be performed and/or adapted for just about any fitness level. Participants have watched their stress melt away, have experienced a greater sense of vitality and wellbeing, and enjoyed the camaraderie of practicing with like-minded individuals.

This is for a single Contemplative Movement class. Classes meet once a week.
Please contact us for class dates, times, and locations before signing up for the class. Private lessons within Cooke County and Denton County, Texas, are available. Please contact us for pricing.