Unbridled Joy

At the grocery store? Really?

We’d stopped by to get a few things–no list–just shopping by inspiration as I like to call it, when I ran across a mom shopping with her three small children. Three little girls were swirling around her like planets do around the sun–sometimes stopping to converse about a certain product that happened to be at their eye level. I moved past them, but soon encountered them a few aisles over.

One of the girls held up a bag of chocolate chips for her sisters to see while jubilantly exclaiming, “Would you just look at these chocolate chips?!?” It was as if she had just discovered the most remarkable treasure the world has ever known.

It happened again at the dairy case when another new treasure had been joyfully discovered. I laughingly remarked to the mom about what a wonderful time the girls seemed to be having. She said, matter of factly, that when they were with her, she never got much done.

But I noticed that she was prepared for that. She’d chosen one of the smaller carts with just enough room for a few items and her purse. What a testament to her that she had allowed them to experience this “unbridled” joy without imposing her own need to complete an agenda. There was no scolding or rushing them on her part either. In fact, she seemed to be just as absorbed at studying things on the aisles as they did–maybe experiencing her own brand of joy. I know did just due to noticing them. And I was surprised by it!

So the next time you head out, I challenge you to be on the lookout for opportunities and reminders to live joyfully. They tend to show up in the most unexpected times, places, and circumstances!

When has JOY surprised you?

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  1. Joy recently was receiving your products in the post !!!!!!!! excited to use them after my indulgent bubble bath!!

    Thank you!!!!

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